Come along with me as I journey through life.

There are many paths to choose but which one is right?

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28 July 1984
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I'm an animal lover, my lab mix, cat and sugar glider and are my babies. I believe that my purpose in life is to help animals in any way possible; to give a voice to those can not speak for themselves. Animals have played such a major role in my life and I could never imagine having to live without being able to be around them. This is why it is my dream to one day have a nice sized plot of land that i would live on; with some acreage I can devote to having a non-profit animal sanctuary or run my own non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation facility.

I'm a spiritual person; I don't have an exact path that I follow though if I had to categorize it would fit best with being wiccan, and no, not the crazy devil worshipping, demonic force conjuring crazy witches you see on TV! I love earth and mother nature and believe that everything has a spirit, and I also believe in gods and goddesses, good and light, harmony, healing, karma and reincarnation, amongst other things that I would love to talk about with anyone who is genuinely interested and not just trying to cause problems. I do enjoy learning about other religions and discussing them, but please do not preach to me trying to convert me. This is how I am and what I am take me as is or leave me.

I don't make close friends easily as it's hard for me to open up and trust, I've been used as a door mat so many times before.Those few who are my close friends would tell you I am very loyal and trust worthy and would do anything to help a friend where needed.

This being said, I am the crazy cat lady (well not hoarder but like feeding all the strays/cat whisperer sort of person) and proud. I'm a goofball who loves to laugh and make others laugh even if I'm not sure what I did to make someone laugh. I love my family and friends and most of my close friends who truly know me are my family. I stick up and fight for what I believe is right and for those who can not fight for themselves! I believe there is no such thing as a lost cause. I tend to do things based on gut reaction or what my heart tells me to do first, logic sometimes comes later; I say sometimes because I feel that it's very important to listen to your heart especially when in respect to finding true happiness. I can be an emotional roller coaster. I love hard, deeply and passionately with all that I am.

I'm am an artist at heart. A hopeless romantic. I love poetry; both writing and reading it. I love to draw and paint and appreciate and love seeing others creations. I love to cook and bake for my loved ones and could most probably be happy being a stereotypical house wife who took care of the home and raised the kids. I love kids and can't wait until it becomes my turn to have them. I am a lover, a fighter, a friend and a survivor. I've overcome a lot of obstacles to get the where I am today. I have stumbled and fallen numerous times and still picked myself back up. I will continue to fight and survive until the day I die.

I love cartoons, anime, and super heroes, video games, manga, reading, collecting monster high dolls and crocheting. I love all sorts of music, singing be it in the car, shower or out at karaoke, dancing(before my back problems), role playing, going to the theatre, rocky horror, musicals and improv!

I love a wide array of movies and TV shows, from various things on the syfy channel to medical dramas to glee and my little pony.

Well after this you should have a pretty good idea of who I am. Simply stated I am me. I am happy with who I am. So like me for who I am and accept me, all of me don't try to change me. I could never be cookie cutter or "normal" I like that I'm different and maybe a bit weird and crazy and for once finally happy with who I am or who I've <>.

Bisexuality is Real.

still fighting it...
...even though i may hide my scars
*don't keep silent*

Suicide is never a black and white issue

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