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I am a friend, a lover, a fighter and a survivor. I have overcome many obstacles to get to where I am today. I have stumbled and fallen numerous times and still have managed to get back up. I have fought many demons, survived what seemed to be impossible. I will continue to fight and survive until my time in this world is over. This journal is me battling my obstacles and what I come across along the way. If you would like to be added please comment and I will most likely add you, just keep in mind that I have a very low tolerance for bull shit, I do not need anymore drama in my already chaotic life.

Thank you for the comment, I really hope my long distance realtionship works out! Nice to know it works for others!

p.s-Im going to add you as a friend cause Im new at this... hopefully you'll add me too!
(: yup adding you
hey babe, its me anima_sola from gj i added u

(Deleted comment)
(: ok
Hey my names Amanda. I'm BrittyKittie's sister. Just wondering if I could add you to my list. Britty seems to really like you, but if you dont want me to than thats cool too. So maybe I will ttyl.
Bye Bye
Hi, *adds you* ^_^
Hey hun this is Jackie. Just wanted to give you my live journal name you can add me to your friend's list if you want to :)
^_^ ok cool definatly adding you
hey there! Hope ya don't mind but I added you to my friends list. Add me back?
added back
Psst.. Amanda, it's Michiru. May we mutually add one another? :) If not, just let me know and I'll remove you. It was nice to see you this past weekend!
...Just wandering through my old livejournal friends... this is serventofdeath back from the dead... add me... back please :P
hi, we ar on care2 together and i wasn't sure about adding friends. i have bad days and don't need harsh words either. i think we could be friends if you want too. i would like that.
^_^ added!
Hi thanks for adding me. You missed the s off the end though ;)I'll add you back now.
Amanda: I saw your message on Care2Connect, I'm Mariana Miller over there.
I'm not one to make harsh comments, in fact, although I like to have friends, I don't comment much at all, if that doesn't bother you, then, I'm adding you, girl!.
nope it doesnt bother me! im adding you
amanda it's beki
^_^ adding
Aww, you took me off.
I really did like reading your entries... I just feel stupid commenting because I don't really know you. Oh well.
oh ok! ill add you back
Hey will u please add me? Thank u if u do!

It's me doomkitty with an extra O lol...someone took my username damn them.

I just created a LJ account to keep up with my friends here @ LJ..

Hope you will add me.

added ^_^